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Our Story

Christine and Ben Vermeer, along with their children, own and  operate 140 acres of orchard which grow many different varieties of apples. Christine comes from multiple generations of apple farmers. Her Father and Brother are still growing apples on the family farm today. Ben's family has a rich background in Dutch floral  horticulture.

They added five controlled atmosphere (CA) rooms in 2018. It gave them the  ability to store up to 1.2 million kg of apples.  They didn't stop there and in 2021 they expanded  their business to include packaging, grading, and shipping capabilities.  Also adding 4 more CA rooms. 


Vermeer Orchard Inc strives to respond to customer needs/wants by continuing to establish new orchards comprised of popular varieties, such as Ambrosia, Honeycrisp, and Gala.  In 2021  we planted over 30 000 trees of those varieties.


The satisfaction of seeing all the hard work end up in the grocery stores for all to enjoy is PRICELESS!

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