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Vermeer Orchards Inc. June and July 2022

Total Rainfall: 121.8 mm

Highest Temp: 32.4 degrees Celsius

Lowest Temp: 5.3 degrees Celsius


These past two months have been busy with removing apples from trees so that come the fall our apples will have the optimum fruit size (also known as hand thinning). At Vermeer orchards the task of hand thinning starts mid June and ends mid August. Every year millions of apples are taken off the trees to allow us to produce apples that are large enough for our customers. Late June there was quite a drought at Vermeer Orchards therefore irrigation was constantly running however, the month ended with a perfect amount of continuous rainfall which allowed us farmers to sleep well at night. The 2022 Apple crop looks very promising with a very large number of apples and growing conditions that have been next to perfect to produce great quality fruit.

Irrigation line used to water orchard during a drought

Workers hand thinning in the orchard

Packing line/Cooler Operation:

Annual maintenance is completed on the packing line. We are excited to start packing which should be starting later this month. We have obtained bulk bin displays that are dummied up to make them more appealing for customers. We are also implementing stand up bags which will be available sometime this season as we are currently waiting on them as lead times are quite long. Looking Forward to having our fruit in stores by the end of the month.

Paula Red apples will be ready to enjoy in the next few weeks.

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